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First step for all gardners…

Finding a site and finding a way to make it happen were our first steps.  So far, we have a site — possibly three!  Community of Hope graciously is willing to let us help put in a garden at their Hope site. It makes us hopeful that things will grow.  We certainly are filled with hope as Megan, Josh and Ellie got on Craigslists and all the other places that people go to get free stuff donated.  We have supplies!  Supplies to make raised beds out of old pallets, seeds and allowed to use the tools provided at the site!  Now we just need dirt…soil…glorious nutrient filled dirt!  I am getting worms but they can’t eat enough food to produce enough dirt for what we need.  Think think think…where can we borrow a truck to pick up a big pile of dirt?

This is the spot!


It is a Purposefully Inauspicious Prelude

This here blog, I reckon, will contain, herein, the wondrous and whimsical story of Notre Dame Americorps’ first attempt at starting a permanent community garden, right here in our nation’s capital: Washington DC. For us, this is a side project done in the hours not spent at our primary volunteer positions.

The idea is to create a gardening space where future volunteers (Americorps and otherwise) can have the opportunity to help strengthen the community in the most direct way possible: by growing and sharing food. Specifically fruit, because fruit is awesome.

We are your humble hosts, serving as both gardeners and bloggers. As this story progresses, each gardener (including yours truly) will be posting their own stories to create a chronicle of our adventures — including the wacky hijinks we pull, the deep friendships we forge, and the valuable life lessons we learn along the way. And if we manage to grow any fruit we might mention that too.

Oh, who am I kidding? We’re Americorps Volunteers. Do you know what that means? It means we get stuff done. For America.

It’s kind of our motto.

More specifically, we are:

Sister Mary



Sarge (Me!)

To kick things off, Sister Mary and I went to the site earlier this week to snap some pictures and get a better idea of the task we were undertaking.

All in all, things don’t look all that bad: minimal trash to remove, decent view — I think we really have something here. I’m excited to be a part of it, and you should be too! So excited, in fact, that you can’t wait to check back and see our progress!

So excited that you bookmark us!