Monthly Archives: April 2011

Preparing a place for the plants to grow!

We’ve been working hard to prepare the garden beds building beds out of pallets. Had great weather April 2nd.  We returned April 16 to deliver a truck full of soil — it was raining!  We had fun shoveling mud and trying to clean the truck before turning it into UHaul. Tomorrow April 30 is the BIG day for planting!  We are so grateful for all the donations of seeds that some of us started on our window sills with some success.  Although, I didn’t do so well starting my seeds so I cheated and bought tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and herbs starter plants.  No guilt no worries — I know Pettiti’s in Cleveland have good plants and I was lucky to have made a trip to Ohio to pick up a flat or two!   I’m wondering how much waste my red wriggler worms can make to give us nutrients for the soil.  Hopefully we’ll have enough plants and seeds to start in all our containers! Our next project might be making sure we’re watering weeding on a regular basis.

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