Monthly Archives: May 2011

We’re gonna have to start again…

It all started with an e-mail from the Ellie titled “Bad news bears…” A little humor to break the bad news that someone or kids trashed the garden. Pulled out the starter tomato plants, messed with the beds, toppled over a few plants we had in pots, toppled some of our planters, stole the sink. Felt bummed by it as I suspected this might happen. Only because often when I go to the site there is garbage strewn all over the place like chicken dinners, beer cans and such. As though someone goes into the dumpster and tosses a bag of garbage around. Whenever we first started the project there was a big tire tracks rutted into the grass where we planned to have the garden. So, my gut feeling was that it was only a matter of time that a garden would get messed with. It’s too bad really but we will prevail! We will keep at it. Ellie has been great at trying to encourage children to help her a bit. We thought of putting up signs. So, we’re going to have another work day soon to replant and hopefully persistence and patience will pay off. Oddly, though, they didn’t mess with the radishes or onions… the fish tank is intact with the plants growing and roots visible. How exciting is that! We will do better in this next effort to invite residents and the children that helped us last time. The residents are happy to see us there in the garden and the children come out to help. So, we will stick with it for the residents.